NATUR-PACK’s workshops and seminars


We continue in the 11 year tradition of free workshops for our clients. Since the year 2018 we will supplement the traditional workshops “Packaging and Non-packaging Products from A to Z” by a modern educational format - webinars and on-line instruction videos where we will focus on the actual legislative changes and solving of problems that our clients face in their practice.


Workshop Packaging and Non-packaging Products from A to Z

The workshop will traditionally focus on the obligations of packaging and non-packaging product producers as defined in the Waste Act and their fulfillment in the practice, as well as to the changes resulting from so called Act application amendment.

Discussion forms an intergral part of the workshop where the questions of participants will be addressed. You can raise your questions also via the on-line form just during filling the application for the workshop.

Representative of the sales department and environmental consultant of the company NATUR-PACK will act as lecturers.

The main topics of the workshops:

  • legislation relevant to the packaging and non-packaging products,
  • explanation of the basic terms,
  • registration, evidence and reporting obligations,
  • evidence and examples.

NATUR-PACK webinars

NATUR-PACK webinars will be focused on the narrower field of issues and problems in the total extent of 5 to 15 minutes. We will inform NATUR-PACK clients about webinars electronically and also by our webside.