How to become NATUR-PACK client?

How to become a client of the PRO NATUR-PACK?

A packaging producer, producer of non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment or portable batteries can become a client of the PRO NATUR-PACK by signing a contract agreement on fulfillment of the reserved obligations and involvement into the NATUR-PACK system, thereby committing to respect its principles.

Why it is advantageous to cooperate with NATUR-PACK?

  • We are trusted by the most clients (more than 8 000) among all PROs
  • We fulfill the registration obligations, performance of changes, notification obligations toward MoE on behalf of the producers
  • Free advisory and education services
  • Representation and protection during the audits by the Slovak Environmental Inspection
  • Accessibility for the producers in the branch offices across entire SR territory

Filling of the registration form is not binding; it serves us for appointment of the appropriate communication manager.

I have a non-binding interest

After submitting of the application form

  1. 4.

    You will receive the agreement and a certificate of cooperation

    • We will send you by mail the signed cooperation agreement
    • Certificate on fulfillment of legislative obligations by means of the PRO NATUR-PACK
    • Log-in data for notification of registration data by the on-line system
  2. 5.

    Completing the quarterly report

    • You will submit the report on registered commodities via our on-line system by the 10th day after termination of the respective quarter
    • We will alert you for submitting the report electronically
  3. 6.

    Invoice delivery

    • After submitting the request you will receive an invoice reflecting the reported amounts and respective fees
    • Electronic invoice from NATUR-PACK will be sent you from the e-mail address:
  4. 7.

    Receiving confirmation of fulfillment of the legislative obligations as of respective year

    • Confirmation of submission of the report covering the preceding year to the Ministry of Environment within a statutory deadline
    • Summary data from records of the preceding year with a confirmation of meeting the recovery and recycling limits

Become our client.

Just fill out the online registration form.

It will take a maximum of 15 minutes.


Need more information?

Contact us or learn more in  Frequently asked questions

Client fees

The fees of the producers serve for covering of all expenses related to the collection, transport, preparation for reuse, recovery, recycling, processing and disposal of the separately collected waste belonging to the reserved waste stream.

Client fees
Fee Fee amount
Entry fee 0 €
Registration fee for the Register of producers 0 €
Quarterly invoice According to the amount placed on the market and respective tariff
Annual fee 0 €

If the compensation does not reach the amount of  25,- EUR excluding VAT in the relevant quarter, PRO is entitled to an extraordinary compensation in the amount of 25,- EUR excluding VAT, for covering the material nad administrative costs associated with the fulfillment of the existing PRO obligations.