• Pre klientov 01.12.2021

    Distributors of beverage packaging - ATTENTION! New obligations are coming into force

    From 1 January 2022 it is necessary to distinguish between reusable beverage packaging (e.g. glass bottles for certain mineral waters, beer…) – obligation regarding their distribution and deposit-return schemes is dealt by the Waste Act, and single-use beverage packaging (beverage PET bottles and beverage cans – the depositing obligation from 1 January 2022) - the deposit-return obligation is dealt by the Depositing Act.

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  • Všeobecné 16.11.2021

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Technical shutdown of NATUR-PACK servers

    In the period from the 16.11.2021 at 17:00 until the 18.11.2021 at 09:00, access to the sections for manufacturers and collection companies will not be available due to the technical shutdown of NATUR-PACK servers. We thank all clients and collection companies for their understanding.

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  • Pre klientov 09.11.2021

    Transposition amendment to the Waste Act approved

    Transposition amendment to the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on waste, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “amendment”) approved by members of the parliament on November 2, 2021, relates to the single-use plastic products. Its requirements originate directly from the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

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  • Pre klientov 05.11.2021

    NATUR-PACK further develops the YouTube portal

    The NATUR-PACK team continues in the development of the YouTube portal by issuing of further reportages on waste prevention, proper waste separation, as well as the examples of good practice on the side of the producers. Nowadays, we filmed with our client MOBILONLINE. We produced a film material for two reportages.

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  • Všeobecné 14.10.2021

    NATUR-PACK issued the „Manual for self-governments“ to help the partner municipalities

    The NATUR-PACK team has prepared for partner municipalities and cities a current version of the Manual for self-governments in relation to the Extended producer responsibility.

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  • Pre obce 04.10.2021

    NATUR-PACK is the first PRO to address the issues of brown bears vs. waste containers

    NATUR-PACK is the first among all addressed PROs who reacted to the request of the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate for collaboration in the educational activities on the brown bear vs. waste container issues.

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